PackPoint is Spokane Software Systems' product tracking solution and answer to the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). In full production since 2008, PackPoint handles the complexities of fruit and produce production lines with varied configurations.

PackPoint is significantly more than a simple labeling system; it tracks every product detail at the point of packing and utilizes this information to automatically apply a GS1 and PTI compliant product label to each item as it proceeds down the production line. In addition to the required text and GS1-128 barcode detailing the GTIN, lot or run, and date*, PackPoint can apply voice codes for warehouse picking systems, automated palletizer sortation marks, required export labels or stickers, product logos, company logos, and any customer required product marking.

PackPoint can automatically apply labels to the front, side, top, back, or corner of your container. Side applied labeling capacity exceeds 3600 unique labels per hour**. PackPoint provides the ability to corner wrap Reusable Product Containers (RPCs) with washable labels or produce individual cards for RPC card slot insertion. If automated label application is not desired, PackPoint offers the ability to print labels in batch or peel and apply mode for manual product labeling.

In addition to detailed product and run/lot information, PackPoint tracks the exact time an item is packed, weighed*, labeled, and reaches the end of the production line*. PackPoint also tracks the line, packing station, and employee* that packed each item. You will know exactly what an item is, the type of container it was packed in, who packed it, where it was packed, and when it was packed for every item processed by PackPoint.

PackPoint allows run and pack configurations to be controlled by a central operator, roving operator (via wireless iPadŽ or other mobile device), or local pack operator via scanned barcodes or touch screen input.

Locations utilizing employee tracking can monitor packer performance, accuracy, compliance, and piece rate information. PackPoint can be configured to track and apply piece rates by packed item for real time piece rate collection and integration with Spokane Software Systems' payroll module.

PackPoint is available as a master server, satellite server, and as a portable field server solution. Satellite and field servers run independently, syncing collected data to the master server when network connectivity is available. PackPoint utilizes the latest push technology and allows interaction from your web connected device.

Spokane Software Systems, Inc. has provided the agricultural community with custom software solutions for over 35 years. PackPoint is highly extensible for your specific needs and customizations.

* Optional    ** Throughput based on a single printer/applicator and 4"x3" labels

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